Why Choose Eagle Consulting

Our expertise

Our collective experience in monitoring and evaluation enables us to meet the requirements of our clients. Our team members have worked with the projects of many international and local NGOs playing the roles of planners, managers, monitors and evaluators.

Our People

Our researchers and consultants have worked with both local and international non-profit Organizations, as well as local businesses. With diverse, yet complimentary sets of expertise, skills And backgrounds we are able to meet the requirements of our clients to their satisfaction. Our team also includes researchers from the leading universities in Somalia, which gives EAGLE CONSULTING access to a large pool of qualified and talented experts and students.

Our Reach

EAGLE CONSULTING has a network of researchers, consultants and enumerators that spans all over the country. Our team has access to Puntland, Somaliland and the South central parts of theCountry; and includes individuals that are familiar with the lay of the land and its people, making it Easy to work in those areas.

Our System and Processes

We love to be unique! From the processes and the systematic ways we envision to work with our Clients, to the use of innovative tools that we invent based on the requirements of our clients, we Aspire to be different and original.

Extensive use of technology

At the center of our strategy to be innovative is the use of technology in the collection, analysis and Dissemination of information; as well as solving our client's problems. Our team has extensive Experience in using automation in conducting surveys, and presenting data in easy to understand Formats.

Our desire to continue learning

We think of EAGLE CONSULTING as a learning organization that will continue to develop.
We Plan to learn from our clients through a deeper understanding of their requirements.
As part of our own organizational development strategy is a bi-annually self-assessment exercise at The individual level where each team member has to share what he has learnt during that period. Continuous learning is the heartbeat of EAGLE CONSULTING.




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