Company Strategy

Our Mission

We deliver professional quality research and consulting services in the areas of project management and evaluation, management and finance, engineering and technology to both the private and public sectors including for-profit and non-profit organizations in Somalia.

Our Vision

To become the go-to institution for research and consulting services in Somalia.

Our Objectives

  • Providing quality research and consulting services to our clients
  • Developing effective research tools and processes to ensure the quality and reliability of our work
  • To build a network of qualified and diverse teams of researchers and consultants to meet the growing demands of these services in Somalia
  • To provide full project management outsourcing(PMO) services including planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • To ensure the delivery of our services in a transparent and professional manner by devising a check and balance system, self-monitoring business processes, and internal evaluation procedures
  • To involve our clients and partners in our quality assurance systems to achieve the transparency that is our main code of conduct


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